EcoVolt launches new generation of EVRad Ceramic Radiator

ECOVOLT maintains its commitment to its stated policy of continuous product development with the introduction of EVRAD – an upgrade of their already award winning JTR range of ceramic radiators.

MD Stephen Dempsey says, “We have redeveloped the whole control panel of the JTR range to make it more user friendly for the end user, while bringing the IOT connectivity to the next level.  We have managed to put all the functions of this radiator into one user friendly push button while also doubling the size of the LCD display compared to its predecessor.  Other cool function improvements include the green and red back light of the LCD display screen“. 

While these are actually our company’s brand colours and they are used cleverly in this product to indicate the power status.  Red will indicate when the unit is active and Green will indicate when it is in energy saving mode. Another feature is the inclusion of a kWh energy consumption counter on every model.  This feature will indicate to the end user how much energy over a certain period it cost to heat their room or property. It will also cause a reaction to the mindset to perhaps turn the thermostat down a degree or two to save on energy and money. We have so many other features built into this product like open window detection, remote child locking, family and friend invite groups and voice activation. There are several of the main players in this technology like Amazon Alexia and Google Home”.

EcoVolt has moved all their products on to the TUYA smart life platform.  Now all users can enjoy unlimited connectivity across all their products without any additional fees or gateway hubs to worry about.  Controls have always been the primary focus of the company and they have been pioneers in the introduction of wireless central control technology since introduction of their first generation of electric ceramic radiators in 2012.   A lot has changed since then. The growth of this Irish company is nothing short of impressive.  ELECTRIC.IE was fortunate to get a tour of their 10,000 sq. ft. premises in Rosemount Business Park in Dublin 11.  We got to witness the manufacturing of their very own creation, EcoVolt CeP.   Stephen says “This will be the envy of a lot of our competitors both in the electrical and mechanical industry – a product we designed that is about 5 years ahead of its time.  Developers, self- builders, architects, designers are all now seeing the benefits of this product in high performance buildings”. 

Moving back to the new one button EVRad as we stand next to a warehouse racking system that is full of every model of this new unit, it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the product and its packaging.  STEPHEN concludes “You won’t find an installation manual in our boxes, as these just end up in a bin or going to landfill – Instead there are QR codes to take the installer or user to a series of videos on our website.  Video tutorials are the easiest form of communication for any product. If I ever have an issue with anything I immediately go to YouTube.  At EcoVolt we are the same. Your customer service department now becomes a 24/7 – always open- learner toolkit, for your customers”.