EPLAN host Industry 4.0 Technology Day in LIT

Tom Mcpartlin, ABB, Paul McGarry, Rittal, Vincent Cunnane, President LIT, Ken Christie, Director of EPlan, Conal Reilly, Phoenix Contact and Laura Foley, LIT.

In the wake of the next industrial revolution, EPLAN, the global market leader of Electrical CAE software recently hosted an event at The Limerick Institute of Technology with the aim of discussing the German concept, Industry 4.0.

The event gave companies the opportunity to listen to some experts in this area and to understand what 4.0 means. How existing and near future technologies can help them move towards becoming a smart factory that ultimately produce machines and products that effectively talk to one another.

Industry 4.0 is a high-tech strategy adopted by the German government which promotes the computerisation of traditional industries such as manufacturing. The goal is to create intelligent factories (smart factory) that focus on cyber physical systems primarily consisting of communication technologies, software, senses and processes – all of which have the potential through cloud technology to communicate and interact with each other in an intelligent way.

Amy Duke from ABB speaking with a customer