Forum Lighting Solutions – Kinetic Switches

Forum Lighting have announced exciting additions to their popular range of kinetic switches & receivers. 

The Konect range of wireless and battery-less switches has been in huge demand this year, as installers take advantage of the features this technology offers. Once a receiver (RF or Wifi) is installed in the lighting circuit, up to 10 switches can be paired to it (as well as being app controlled in the Wifi options), therefore wirelessly operating the circuit from any location within a 50m range. The kinetic range removes the need for hard wiring switches in potentially challenging locations and reduces the time spent on installation.

Forum’s range of kinetic switches has now been increased to include grid modules. This new grid switch is available in non dimmable and dimmable options. The dimmable clicking down to switch the circuit on/off and up to run through the dimming cycle. In addition to the grid modules, Forum have also launched attractive, slimline 1 and 2 gang surrounds, which house the modules and give the appearance of a traditional, modern switch.

For further information on Forum’s range of kinetic switches, please visit the website or contact the sales team via phone on 0044 161 3594949 or email at .