Glamox C52 – A top-league impression

Glamox C52 combines excellent light quality with high efficiency and resistance against mechanical damage. It’s an ideal solution to ensure both the best viewing conditions and highest safety, regardless of the event being held in any sports hall.

Smart technology ensures plenty of flexibility for the lighting installation, so that it can be adapted to the changing circumstances.

Optimised performance and minimised glare

Glamox C52 is a compact sports luminaire with a slim yet robust housing and lens optics perfected for diverse applications. A full range of light distribution variants – wide-beam, medium-wide beam, narrow-beam and asymmetrical – makes this product a perfect fit for multi-purpose sports halls with different ceiling heights.

What sets this luminaire apart is the combination of optimised lumen packages and efficacy with exceptional durability. The improved efficiency and higher lumen output are cleverly accompanied by excellent glare control, providing the proper viewing comfort for spectators and competitors alike. On top of that, the C52 is also highly impact resistant and has undergone a ball impact test to prove it, gaining approval according to the international DIN 57 710-13 standard. 

Versatility and viewing comfort

Lighting design for sports facilities has to solve diverse challenges that are not encountered as often elsewhere. Various ceiling heights and special requirements to ensure the visual comfort of sports enthusiasts in the audience, as well as easy access for cameras broadcasting the sports events call for the appropriate versatility in terms of mounting and angles, in addition to flawless, flicker-free visibility.

The C52 is suitable for surface mounting, but will also be available with a frame for spaces requiring recessed installation. Vertical illumination is important in indoor sports arenas, but the luminaire can also be installed at slanting angles, whereas the broad range of light distribution options ensures that enough light will reach the action in all the necessary locations, so you don’t miss a beat. And even if you do miss out on a key play, you can always count on the slow-motion replay on TV, delivered to you flicker-free thanks to the C52’s special driver suitable for HD TV.

Smart, sustainable lighting

By combining premium luminaires with smart technology, we can offer lighting solutions that provide great benefits and are tailored to individual needs, different tasks and purposes.

Features like daylight and presence sensing drastically reduce energy consumption, often by 90% or more in refurbishment projects. With smart use of energy, the installation’s lifetime is also extended. Another advantage of using smart lighting is optimising the light quality and achieving outstanding visual comfort thanks to solutions that mimic the qualities of daylight.

With our commissioning services, various lighting scenes and monitoring functionalities can be installed with professional precision. We offer wired and wireless light management systems that ensure great flexibility and scalability and are easy to install and use. Overall, you get a more sustainable lighting solution that can be adapted to meet any specification.
“You define. We connect.”

Easy maintenance

The C52’s simple construction makes it exceptionally easy to maintain, allowing easy access to all components.

Mounting flexibility

C52 is a surface-mounted luminaire that is also suitable for pendant mounting using brackets for a horizontal wire and can also be recessed in ceilings with the use of a mounting frame.