Glamox D70 G2 – Versatility within a unified design

The D70 G2 is an architectural downlight family developed in combination with the latest LED modules to be as efficient as possible while ensuring the best light distribution. The D70 G2 utilises a unique lens with wide light distribution and minimal glare. There are also several possibilities for different reflectors without compromising light quality.

The family consists of a wide range of downlights that cover all needs for the office, hospitals, schools and many more types of installations. Smaller adjustable downlights for accent lighting are available in addition to bigger downlights in order to accommodate lighting requirements in general areas and corridors.

Modern design for an elegant installation
The D70 G2 is designed to meet the high standards that lighting installations in modern buildings demand. The D70 G2 is a family of products that fits perfectly together due to a uniform trim-ring and reflector concept. All variants are available with four different reflector options and two trim-ring colours. Special requests for other colours can of course also be supplied.

Lightweight, with a minimal CO2 footprint
The D70 G2 downlights contain around 40% less material than their precursors. This gives a lighter downlight to work with in the installation, but more importantly – a downlight with a minimal CO2 footprint. This is possible due to persistence in the development of the most efficient cooling with a minimal amount of aluminium.

Light quality and distribution
The lens we’ve developed especially for this product provides uniform light distribution with minimal glare. The principle is that the lens delivers most of the distribution to the illuminated area, emitting a soft and pleasant light to the reflector, which minimises the risk of causing glare.

Smart, sustainable lighting
By combining premium luminaires with smart technology, we can offer lighting solutions that provide great benefits and are tailored to individual needs, different tasks and purposes. Features like daylight and presence sensing drastically reduce energy consumption, often by 90% or more in refurbishment projects. With smart use of energy, the installation’s lifetime is also extended. 

Another advantage of using smart lighting is optimising the light quality and achieving outstanding visual comfort thanks to solutions that mimic the qualities of daylight. With our commissioning services, various lighting scenes and monitoring functionalities can be installed with professional precision. We offer wired and wireless light control systems that ensure great flexibility and scalability and are easy to install and use. Overall, you get a more sustainable lighting solution that can be adapted to meet any specification.

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