Have Your Say – Consultation for the standard I.S. 10101:2020/prA1:202x

The NSAI have opened a public consultation period between 27th November 2023 and 27th February 2024.

Draft Scope:
Updated to take account of changes to HD 60364-7-722:2018, and to include HD 60364-8-1 & HD 60364-8-2 into the main body of the standard.

The scope of the draft Amendment:

  1. Revision of Chapter 7:
  • Part 722 “Supply of electric vehicle”

which specifies the requirements for

  • circuits intended to supply energy to electric vehicles.
  • circuits intended for feeding back electricity from electric vehicles. 

Circuits covered by this part are terminated at the connecting point.

  • Part 718 “Communal facilities and workplaces”

which specified the requirements for electrical installations applicable to communal facilities and workplaces.

Typical examples of communal facilities and workplaces are listed below:

  • assembly halls, assembly rooms;
  • exhibition halls;
  • theatres, cinemas;
  • sports arenas;
  • sales areas;
  • restaurants;
  • hotels, guest houses, residential care homes;
  • schools;
  • enclosed car parks;
  • meeting places, swimming halls, airports, railway stations, high-rise buildings;
  • workshops, factories and industrial plants.

Access routes and escape routes are part of the above-mentioned examples.

The necessity of providing safety services in special buildings and areas may be governed by national regulations which may contain more stringent requirements.

  1. Modifications to various clauses within the document
  2. Modifications to Annex 8A:

Annex 8 A (informative) Energy Efficiency has been modified to Chapter 8 Energy Efficiency.

  • Chapter 8 consists of two sections.
    • 8.1 – Functional aspects – Energy efficiency and,
    • 8.82 – Functional aspects – Prosumer’s low-voltage electrical installations.

Content of the draft:

The draft contains the following sections:

  • Modification to Forward
  • Modification to Introduction
  • Modification to Chapter 0 Clause 2 Normative references
  • Modification to Chapter 2 Definitions
  • Modification to clause 411.4
  • Modification to clause 551.9.3
  • Modification to clause
  • Modification to Table 6E.1
  • Modification to Chapter 7
    • Addition of Part 718 Communal facilities and workplaces
    • Modification to Part 722 Supplies for electric vehicles
  • Modification to Annex 8A
    • Addition of Chapter 8 Energy Efficiency
    • Addition of 8.1 Functional aspects – Energy efficiency
    • Addition of 8.8.82 Functional aspects – Prosumer’s low-voltage electrical installations
  • Modification to Bibliography

View the draft and submit comments:

All interested parties are invited to comment on the draft I.S. 10101:2020/prA1:202x through the NSAI “Your Standards, Your Say” (YSYS) forum: National Rules for Electrical Installations | NEP (nsainep.ie)

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