Kick Starting Home Automation

by Joe Crawford, Marketing Manager of Schneider Electric Ireland.

With the rise in popularity of smart technology, the experts at Schneider Electric share how smart heating can be the ideal first step into the world of home automation.

Research has shown that smart energy is the number one key driver for the connected home, taking priority over security, entertainment and appliances like smart fridges.

A smart heating system is often the first step that homeowners take towards home automation, with the integration of further smart devices such as lights and alarms following later.

But why is heating proving to be such a popular initial step towards the smart home?

Friendly and familiar

While there is still much apprehension around some smart technology, the concept of smart heating is already becoming familiar territory for homeowners. Controlling heating via your phone is now commonplace, as manufacturers and even energy companies themselves develop and promote their own systems.

Fuss-free installation

With no need for any re-wiring smart heating systems are one of the quickest and simplest ways to add automation to any home. Many systems come with industry standard wall plates, allowing installers to simply switch a traditional thermostat for a smart one. The system is up and running as soon as the controls are commissioned.

Enhanced convenience

Smart heating offers the convenience of controlling a property’s temperature and hot water from a smartphone, anywhere in the world. When plans change, heating schedules can be changed too. It’s also ideal for remotely monitoring heating at a second property – whether that’s a holiday home, or an elderly relative’s house.

Personalised room control

Thanks to innovative additions like smart radiator thermostats, it’s easier than ever to create designated ‘heating zones’, allowing users to take their smart home to the next level and control heating on a room-by-room basis.

If your customer is cold in bed, they can switch the heating on only in the room they are occupying, without the need to heat the whole house – or even get out of bed! Maybe they have a baby who needs to be kept at a specific temperature, or they want to dry some washing in the spare room – it’s all simple with smart radiator thermostate.

Energy savings

Up to 80 per cent of domestic energy consumption is used on heating and hot water – that’s more than quadruple the amount spent on lights, tumble dryers, washing machines, cookers and televisions put together.

Smart heating systems not only offer convenience; they also offer significant cost savings by not wasting energy.

When used effectively, a multi-zone system offer the potential to save over a smart thermostat system alone.

There is also the added benefit of being able to more accurately control the temperature, as reducing it by just one degree can save the homeowner money on their bill.

Tthe Wiser choice

With this in mind, Schneider Electric have developed Wiser, an affordable smart heating system with five key components; the Heat Hub, room thermostats, radiator thermostats, Smart plus and the app.

This new offering boasts speedy installation, with an industry standard wallplate on the Heat Hub allowing Wiser to be retrofitted in minutes. The system also boasts a simple interface through which multiple users can easily control up to three channels, 16 zones and 32 devices with the use of one intuitive app. Wiser is also compatible with Amazon Echo, enabling full voice control.