Lighting Association Ireland (LAI) is now a full member of LightingEurope

Lighting Association Ireland (LAI) is now a full member of  LightingEurope, the voice of the European lighting industry based in Brussels. 

LightingEurope represents leading lighting companies and national associations throughout Europe, and together these members account for over 1,000 European lighting companies, a majority of which are small or medium-sized. They represent a total workforce of 100,000 people and an annual turnover of €20 million.

LAI Chair Paul O’Connor told “Being part of LightingEurope ensures that LAI is now directly connected to decision-makers in Brussels. This ensures that we have immediate access to EU lighting product regulators and policy makers and is a very positive link in these times where lighting standards and requirements are poised to change. It also means we have an opportunity to contribute to, and influence, these changes.”