New Sweet and Discreet Ultra-Flat LED Lights from BEG

  • BEG Lighting Controls has released a new range of ultra-flat LED lights which have been designed to fit discreetly into any lighting project. 

The new AL8 series of wall and ceiling mounted lights from the German manufacturer are so streamlined that they virtually disappear when not in use, whilst not compromising on light quality, key features and functions. 

Each product in the AL8 series includes the latest LED technology, offering a high light yield with low power consumption making them highly economical. The lights have a wide beam angle of 120° meaning they can illuminate a large area with a service life guarantee of 40,000 hours. 

The BEG AL8 series is fitted with a flat polycarbonate diffuser which provides an even light distribution across the entire room. There is also a protective ring available which can be fitted to protect the AL8 series of lights against vandalism or damage in public areas.

In addition to these standard features, different products in the AL8 series offer a number of extra features, with some containing in-built occupancy sensors, some which are dimmable, and others which can be altered to be warm white, neutral white or daylight white, depending on where and how they will be used. 

In each of the products all the components are neatly housed within their compact casing. The range in height is just 40-48mm, meaning they are especially unobtrusive and can be used where space is minimal. 

Despite its small 48 mm structural height, the AL8-25-300-LEDN-HF comprises a powerful HF microwave detector invisibly in its housing. With a detection range of up to six metres (ceiling mounting 360°, wall mounting 140°), the HF microwave detector switches the lighting on automatically when movement is detected. If no further movement is detected, the light switches off automatically after the set follow-up time. In this product the LEDs are set to the standard neutral white (4,000 k/2,100 lm).

With the AL8-25-300-LED-3C light, three different shades of white can be selected via a slide switch on the rear side of the luminaire: warm white (3,000 K/2,000 lm), neutral white (4,000 K/2,100 lm) and daylight white (5,700 K/2,120 lm) – with dimmable lighting. With a structural height of only 40mm, this product also features IP54 protection, which makes it suitable for humid environments.

For electrical contractors or end users who do not want to decide between convenient occupancy sensors and variable light colour, BEG offer the AL8-25-300-LED-3C-HF. In 48mm housing, this product offers both the hidden HF detector and the choice between three different shades of white. 

BEG Lighting Controls Director for UK & Ireland, Paul Jones, said: “We are thrilled to release the AL8 range of products, as they bring together some of our most requested features in a very small and discreet light. BEG Lighting Controls has not only considered the efficiency of their lights but also the light quality they emit.

“The look of the lights and casing once fitted have been designed to be very sleek and understated and are capable of fitting in to any design, whilst the light that they give has a beautiful quality thanks to the high spec of the diffuser, and the superior technology of the LEDs.

“Electrical contractors are increasingly looking for products that they can offer their cliebts which are discreet as possible without compromising on functionality, and we feel this new product range will meet their needs perfectly.”