Phoenix Contact: Power DC/DC converters

The new generation of DC/DC converters from Phoenix Contact’s Quint product family offers more than just regulated DC voltage. The devices combine the functions of a DC/DC converter with the product features of the Quint Power power supply. It is the only product of its kind on the market.

The new Quint DC/DC converters have a dynamic power reserve.  For starting heavy loads, the dynamic boost offers twice the output power for 5 s. The SFB Technology (Selective Fuse Breaking Technology) delivers 6x the nominal current for 15 ms, which is enough power to reliably and economically protect DC circuits. Standard miniature circuit breakers are selectively tripped while consumers connected in parallel continue working. The static boost with up to 125% continuous power makes it easy to expand the system.

Furthermore, the comprehensive signaling with analogy, digital, and relay contacts allows for preventive function monitoring of the system.  Possible changes during operation are detected early on and errors are effectively prevented. 

The choice between Push-in and screw connection technology is another new feature. Moreover, the IECEx approval enables use in potentially explosive areas. Thanks to the wide temperature range of -25°C to +70°C, the devices are flexible in application and will even start at an ambient temperature of -40°C. The NFC interface can be used to individually adapt signalling thresholds and characteristic curves.