Recycling Waste Electrical and Lighting Equipment

Noel Simpson, AEW with John and Aaron Cuddy of Irish Lamps Recycling

Electrical wholesalers play an important role in the reclamation of electrical waste in accordance with the Weee directive as it is applied in Ireland. The AEW has committed its members to participate in the task of Weee collection through its nationwide trade counter network. Used fluorescent lamps present a large volume of waste with special requirements for recycling.

Noel Simpson (AEW) is organising the support of the AEW to participate in this initiative and he invited to visit the recycling plant to examine and report on the system in place for the recycling of fluorescents and other electrical waste.

Irish Lamps Recycling (Athy) is the main recycler of lamps. They offer a free service to collect lamps from wholesalers nationwide. Recycling lamps involves systems and equipment to dismantle the components of luminaires and to submit the lamps to a process that separates the caps and grinds the glass tube to a disposable powder. John Cuddy, owner of the company listed some tips that are helpful and make the recycling more efficient. Contractors and wholesalers submitting lamps for recycling should observe the following:

– Remove the sleeve and all packaging from the lamp. (see pic.1)

– Do not put 2ft. lamps in the large blue box or coffin. There is a smaller blue box for these. (see pic.2)

– If possible, remove the lamp from the light fittings. This is the ideal way to present the items for recycling.

– Remove all packaging before disposing of fittings in the wooden crates at the wholesalers. (see pic.4)

– Lets keep the emergency fittings separate.

Irish Lamp Recycling offer a collection on site service for large amounts of material. This is a free service but they require the following…

– Give adequate notice to Irish Lamps Recycling if arranging a collection. (Ideally 5 days notice)

– Materials to be collected on site must be at ground level and have easy access.

We all have a responsibility for the efficient recycling of electrical waste.
Irish Lamp Recycling at or by phone 059-8631377. or