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  • IoT Energy Usage Monitoring-Take Control of your Energy Data while Reducing your Energy Costs

Energy Monitoring
For businesses, manufacturers and operations teams it has never been more important to track energy use. With prices increasing and climate obligations coming into force, understanding and managing energy usage is paramount.

What are IOT Energy Monitors?
Energy monitors are simple devices that monitor electricity usage in real time to varying degrees of detail.

Din-rail meters such as the Eastron SDM-230-LoRaWAN are installed into a distribution board and capture crucial performance data e.g. Active Energy (KwH), Voltage, Current, Active Power (W), Power Factor. 

This data is uploaded at regular intervals to enable real-time monitoring and tracking.  

AMR (automated meter reading) sensors don’t require electrical installation and pick up pulses emitted by main electricity meters. The sensors collect the pulse output from a meter and report this information. The pulses equate to consumption e.g. Kilowatt Hours of electricity or M³ of gas according to each meter. Sensors are able to communicate wirelessly with the nearest gateway or base station up to 5KM away. Once connected to a gateway or base station data is then pushed to the cloud where it is processed into meaningful information. The consumption information is tracked and reported via a software portal available on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Critical Measurements
Energy monitors track Kilowatt Hours i.e. they track your power usage in real time.

The Safecility dashboard is packed with information that will help you manage your energy usage. View consumption graphs across your entire estate in real-time and export billing reports as needed.

While reports make it easy to fulfil your ESG (environment, social, and governance) reporting obligations and make smarter carbon reduction decisions.

IoT devices collect information and wirelessly send it to the cloud. The information is then analysed and organised into an easy-to-read visual software dashboard or portal. 


In collaboration, RFE and Safecility are delighted to offer an end-to-end solution for remote energy monitoring. This allows customers to deploy wireless, easy to install energy monitors such as Eastron SDM-230 on the correct LoRaWAN network. The data is organised into the Safecility application and accessible from any device.

Choosing the right software is important especially if you want to easily view historical data and trends.

  • Monitoring & LoRaWAN
  • Simple Wireless Metering and Sub-Metering
  • Track consumption, performance and ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) obligations.

This energy monitoring system delivers remote monitoring of energy usage on a 24/7 basis.

RFE and Safecility have a variety of wireless monitors that collect data in both Kilowatt hours or Amp Hours that are quick and simple to install for whole building metering or sub metering. Energy monitors allow building owners to track and report on ESG (ESG Environmental, social, and governance) metrics and gain billing certainty. Energy data is compiled into a web-based platform, with exportable results and graphical interface.

If you are one of the companies that need to drive efficiency and see what is happening in your large consumers, our solutions are now available for your businesses.

Let RFE and Safecility help you to track their power usage in real time.