CUBIC – Stainless standard and customised solutions

  • CUBIC design and construct enclosures for any need and any line of business. They offer both completely customised solutions designed for your requirements and a standard program of stainless enclosures, which quickly can be fitted to meet most demands.
  • CUBIC continuously improve processes in order to meet every need and wish – not only today, but also in the future. They guarantee the same high homogeneous quality regardless of the order size. 


CUBICs standard program of stainless enclosure products covers various application possibilities. In addition it allows for quick delivery to the customers as all enclosures within the standard program are stock products, which with none or few adjustments can meet the demands of the end-user.     

Do you know that:

  • The standard program is versatile.
  • CUBIC offer day-to-day delivery on stocked items.
  • They have a wide range of accessories.


CUBIC produce electrical enclosure solutions for individual needs in terms of material, design, colour and degree of protection. They solve mechanical and electro-technical questions and supply a product completely ready for installation. The product needs no extra processing such as holes, cutouts etc.

Production is fully documented, very versatile and very convertible – besides prompt delivery, this also means complete uniformity when reordering. At CUBIC they are very conscious, that a continuous development, control and the possibility of customised solutions are decisive parameters, when future solutions should be found. 

By choosing CUBIC you get several benefits:

  • Large standard program
  • Customized solutions
  • Tested and documented solutions
  • Punching of holes on painted enclosures before lacquering. The result is excellent finish, and documented corrosion class
  • Processing is provided regardless of the quantity
  • Close dialogue between the customer and CUBIC for configuration of the enclosure
  • Partnership

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