Transforming Installations with GARO Customised Consumer Units

Creating an easier life for Electricians reducing installation time and providing a custom made, expertly designed, high quality consumer unit.

When it comes to powering homes and industries, selecting the appropriate consumer unit is crucial. That’s where GARO comes in, providing customised consumer units that precisely align with your project’s specifications. Ideal for electricians in search of an effective, spacious, and dependable consumer unit, these units are crafted to match your specific needs and spatial constraints. This level of customisation makes them remarkably versatile, ultimately streamlining your processes and conserving your resources. These units can be equipped with indispensable features for your project, elevating overall functionality and ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Excellent Stock Availability 

At GARO, we are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements with dependability and reliability. Our shelves are consistently stocked, and we take pride in providing prompt delivery services, ensuring you receive the items you need precisely when you need them.

Fastest Manufacturing Time

With the quickest production timelines and an expedited turn-around of 2 – 3 days, we provide punctual and efficient service to satisfy both your customers and projects.

Competitively Priced

GARO offers highly competitive pricing, delivering cost-effective solutions for all our electrical contractors. 

Design & Support

GAROs  team consists of skilled engineers and electricians who are ready to design and engineer your custom consumer unit. All GARO consumer units are crafted in our specialised manufacturing facility, known for its fast turnaround on custom orders. 

Excellence Team

Our devoted team, whether stationed on-site or on the road, is committed to evaluating individual requirements and delivering personalised solutions. With expert knowledge, the team is dedicated to assisting all our customers with our products. Our Dublin office is equipped with technicians ready to provide support as needed.

For additional details, reach out to our sales office or get in touch with your local Sales Engineer. Discover GARO stock at electrical wholesalers throughout Ireland. If you would like a quote or have technical enquiries please contact our team at 01 866 5360 or explore our product range online at

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