Wi-Fi Range Extender from BG Electrical

BG Electrical continue to challenge the boundaries of traditional wiring accessories and lead the market with another ground-breaking innovation – wall sockets with built in Wi-Fi extender. This latest addition to their already extensive range shows BG’s commitment to bringing new and exciting products to the market, and follows on from their highly regarded USB socket.

A truly unique patent pending evolution to the humble wall socket, BG Electrical understands the practical and changing needs of today’s modern households. From tablets and TVs to smartphones and consoles, reliable internet connection is becoming part and parcel of everyday life. Today’s technology driven lifestyles and increasing amounts of time spent indoors make it vital to be well connected at home with a connection that’s fast, reliable and wide-reaching.

When a wireless signal is weakened or patchy due to walls and other obstructions in a building, Wi-Fi range extenders help remedy connection problems by extending the network’s physical range to cover more area and overcome inconvenient layouts and dead zones. Simply put, range extenders take your Wi-Fi signal and pass it on further into your home. They are the ideal solution if you don’t get a stable connection when using your tablet in bed or struggle to stream music on your laptop or devices around the house.

The BG N300 Wi-Fi Extender sockets replace the traditional bulky extender plugs and adaptors which take up valuable socket space, providing a neat and subtle solution whilst freeing up your sockets for other devices. Like BG’s USB sockets, the Wi-Fi extender sockets are easy to install and have a super slim profile designed to fit into a 25mm wall box as standard, making them a simple replacement to an existing fitting. Angled and colour coded in-line terminals ensure the sockets take little effort to fit.

Positioned a half distance between the router, and the Wi-Fi dead zone for optimum performance, setting up the Wi-Fi extender socket to your home network router is quick and simple, either using the one-touch WPS function, or following the step-by-step dedicated browser set-up guide.
Launching initially in the ubiquitous square edge 900 series profile, with the option of a single 2.1A USB outlet for charging mobile devices, as well as further range options and finishes to follow, BG remain ahead of the curve and continue to be the manufacturer of choice for future proofing your home.

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