ATC – The Eco-friendly way of electric heating

The ATC RF family of electrical heating products have been created with Innovation, Intelligence, Comfort, Style and Control in mind. 

The RF range is the complete electric heating solution for all domestic and commercial applications, allowing for total controllability, remotely and effortlessly through mobile device. 

This unique experience of innovation and efficiency sets ATC apart from the competition, offering a product that is smart and is kinder to the environment.

The RF range boasts three exciting products that perfectly complement all spaces.

An intelligent and highly efficient Thermal oil-filled radiator in the SunRay RF.

A revolution in Smart Panel Radiators in the form of the Merida RF.

Incredible style and comfort in the Pacific RF Towel Radiator

Connectivity – The power of RF radio frequency:

The RF family of products excel in most areas when compared to their main competitors. It is often mistaken that RF (Radio Frequency) products communicate through Wifi. Instead, they use a much more robust RF Mesh system to communicate via a gateway. The advantage of this method is to allow for a more reliable and longer-reaching communication path to the products. 

Up to 30 radiators can be supported on one gateway unit to provide a central point of reliable communication to fully control homes, businesses, hotels, care facilities and much more.

This unique system offers outstanding control from inside the space or anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This is a huge advantage over many wifi direct type systems that may only work on a limited range.

The Benefits:

These products boast innovative functions and technology that will future-proof any space.

• TRIAC electronic thermostat – accurate to 0.2°C

• PID Intelligent Control

• Open Window Feature

• Adaptive Start 

• Frost Protection for holiday homes/lets

• Landlord Mode for control in hotels, student accommodation etc. 

• Low Surface Temperature (LST) setting

Ease of installation:

Ease of installation and set-up is a key point in the design of the RF family of products. 

Simple and robust mounting hardware with secure locking brackets ensure that these products sit perfectly and safely within the spaces they provide warmth.

The set-up and connection of the RF-wireless system is simple and intuitive, requiring minimal effort. This system utilizes a gateway unit that simply connects to your Wifi router, activating the products smart-connected features. Using the Tevolve mobile app, setting up and controlling your heating system is made effortless. (Gateway sold separately)

Where you would use the products:

“Should I choose the Thermal Radiator or the Panel Radiator?”

Well, It’s not as simple as choosing one heating product over the other. 

Rather, the point of having multiple heating types in the range is to complement each other throughout the home or business. 

We want to best utilise the advantages of both products by applying them to the areas that demand different types and amounts of heat.

For example: Thermal radiators for the comfort areas such as Kitchen, Living and Dining rooms. This will provide comfortable, long lasting heat to the areas that we spend most of our time in, whilst keeping our energy consumption low.

Panel Radiators are an alternative solution for the lesser occupied areas such as bedrooms, spare or utility rooms that may benefit from a fast heat up time in advance of going to bed. 

Bathrooms and En-suites are also complemented perfectly by the Pacific RF Towel Radiator. 

Following recent market research initiated by ATC, end users are swiftly moving towards smart technology and controllability with many of the products they interact with on a daily basis. Lighting, entertainment, comfort and now, electric heating. This is the future of the home and business, encompassing ease of use, functionality and energy efficiency as the norm.

Given the current climate situation worldwide, we feel that energy efficient products pave the way for a kinder future, hugely benefiting home owners and offering solutions to developers who value a sustainable future in new and refurbished homes.