Fight for Fiadh – a letter from Joe Horgan

A letter from Joe Horgan, Manager of Eastern Electrical, Little Island, Co. Cork.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that the Staff of Eastern Electrical Little Island in Cork are doing a 24hr fundraising event on the 19th of May within our branch to support our work colleague and good friend Criostoir Edward’s daughter Fiadh. We are opening for 24hrs where staff members and suppliers will be carrying out various endurance tests, i.e. treadmills, stationary bikes etc, we will also have loads of spots prizes, food, and refreshments.

We are hoping you can support us on the day and every donation, no matter how small will be appreciated.

Fiadh is 18 months old, but at the age of 6 months she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma-a childhood cancer. Fiadh was transferred immediately to Our Lady’s Children Hospital Crumlin where she undertook emergency chemotherapy. Fiadh had to have surgery to have a hickmann line fitted to administer the chemotherapy drugs, this was to save her from having constant needle pricks to monitor her bloods.

From May – September life was extremely difficult for Criostoir and Sarah, (Fiadh’s parents) travelling between Cork and Dublin for her treatments, not to mention all the scans and health checks trips. It was a big strain for the family and all this going on while having a four-year boy at home Rian looking on from the side-lines and wondering what was going on with his new little sister. Why was she constantly in hospital and why were his Mammy & Daddy always travelling with her.

But thankfully in October 2022 Fiadh received some wonderful news after all her very tough treatment, that she was now cancer free.

Going forward Fiadh will be checked every three months to begin with to ensure it doesn’t come back.

We hope and pray that Fiadh will go forth now and have a healthy and happy life. Fiadh is beyond inspirational, a strong spirited little girl, full of smiles, fun and mischief.

As a result of all this the family are still counting the costs of all these treatments, trips, and medical bills, this is why we are doing this fundraiser which we hope can ease some of that burden for them and help the family financially.

Yours Sincerely,

Joe Horgan,
Eastern Electrical,
Little Island,
Co. Cork.

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