How CUBIC enable panel builders to meet end-user requirements of any industry

  • CUBIC’s modular mindset and product adaptability has made them an acknowledged supplier of enclosure solutions for switchboards within any industry.

The constantly increasing competition within the worlds industries creates a significant demand for flexible and adaptable power distribution. End-user needs changes faster and requirements become more and more individual. Pressure is put on panel builders’ ability to deliver not only safe and reliable power distribution but also futureproof and adaptable enclosure solutions.

To meet these demands, panel builders are dependent on access to a flexible and versatile enclosure system.

With a strong focus on modularity, versatility, and adaptability, CUBIC enable panel builders to assemble any kind of futureproof electrical switchboards that meet the end-user requirements of any industry.

Individual needs require individual solutions

CUBIC’s design application offers panel builders the opportunity to apply modular or fully customized enclosures – or even a combination.

The unique adaptability and agile customization aspects are ideal for meeting the specific demands of any individual industry.

Acknowledging that no solution fits all and offering endless design opportunities has made the company a renowned supplier of high-quality enclosure solutions across the globe.

Focus on opportunities rather than limitations

CUBIC’s extensive test programme carried by independent test laboratories with a wide range of electrical components from the world’s largest suppliers ensure the highest level of safety and reliability.

It also provides easy design verification which combined with the endless design opportunities allows panel builders to focus on meeting individual end-user requirements rather than on circumventing system limitations.

Component independency drives competitiveness

Component requirements differ. Not only from industry to industry but also between end-users within the industries. To be competitive and able to meet individual component requirements, panel builders need a free choice of electrical components.

By offering a component independent enclosure system, CUBIC lays the foundation for the panel builders’ ability to offer competitive solutions to end-users no matter component requirements.

Compatible with any future upgrades or expansions

The pace of the technological development makes futureproof enclosure systems essential to both panel builder and end-user.

The modularity, versatility, and adaptability of CUBIC’s enclosure solutions enable easy upgrades and rearranges that ensures functionality and cost efficiency when requirements change.

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