Five reasons to buy Resi9, Schneider Electric’s latest residential circuit protection system

With a predicted 34,000 new dwellings a year needed to address housing demand in Ireland, all of which will need to be fit for purpose and congruent with the new requirements, the new Resi9 range of consumer units from Schneider Electric provide arguably the highest levels of residential circuit protection safety. 

With a wide range of modular devices from, RCD’s, MCB’s & RCBO’s complimented by a two mod wide SPD with embedded protection, Resi9 can provide continuity of supply in the event of any electrical fault. 

Five reasons to buy: 

1. Time saving:
The DIN rails can be easily removed and re-installed without the need for tools. The enclosure also comes with 35% more space under the rails than the average unit available in the market, giving better access for the electrician to install and manage cables. The Earth and Neutral terminal blocks are quick-connect push-in connections, further reducing the time to install.

2. Adapted to the regulations: Resi9 addresses the requirements laid out by the new Irish standards with systems testing carried out on the products to IS EN 61439-3, ensuring optimal user safety. The new standard has been produced by industry experts from the NSAI’s Electro Technical Committee (ETC/TC 2) which has replaced ET 101:2008. 

3. Green credentials:
The Resi9 range is the first end-to-end offer from Schneider Electric available in the Irish market, and it is a key steppingstone to the rollout of Schneider’s full suite of connected products for homes. The launch further cements Schneider Electric’s position in Ireland as a Green Premium eco label, echoing their commitment to delivering customer-valued sustainable performance.

4. Diverse application:
The standards that Resi9 abides by include requirements for designing and installing all types of electrical installations, including housing, hospitals, agricultural buildings, caravans, construction sites, industrial premises, and swimming pools. This could include installations anywhere from private and social housing to small retail units and offices. 

5. Surge Protection:
Take the thinking out of installing an SPD in your system by using Resi9 Quick PF SPD, which includes the protective device as well as the main earth point which can accommodate up to 2x 50sq Earth cables. Having both embedded protection and main earth connection means you can rest assured that you will comply with the installation regulations in any system whether it is a new build or a retrofit.