FP Firefix double clip

Precision Cables has experienced a huge increase in the demand for the FP Firefix Double Clip manufactured by BiCon Components.

The Firefix Clip will withstand the same fi re rating as the FP cable range, making it the perfect choice for safe installation. “We have seen a sharp increase in demand and sales for this product in recent years” says Cathal Grace, Business Development Manager at Precision Cables. “A number of tragic building fires has forced more attention on regulations and we are finding components such as the Firefix Clip being specified in new government and private sector projects in combination with the Prysmian FP Cable range”.

The double clip Firefix is an LUL approved clip for rapid installation of fi re alarm and emergency lighting cables. The Firefix™ system is fast, easy and meets the cable support requirement of Industry standards: BS5839-1: 2002, BS5266-1:2011 and BS5839-8: 2006. Made from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel which is coated with an intumescent LSOH coating in either white or red to match the cable. Firefix can be fixed to steel, block work, composite steel decking, brick or concrete.

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