Irish Institute of Electrical Traders

  • A professional organisation, established to promote training and recognise skill of personnel engaged in the selection, purchase, sale and distribution of electrical installation materials and equipment.

The EIFI President’s chain of office bears the insignia SIET.  This stands for the former name of EIFI ; ‘Society of Irish Electrical Traders’.  Membership of the SIET was composed of contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers within one group.  The current membership of EIFI is composed of three contractor associations (ECA, AECI, NECI) and three,  groups (AEW, LAoI, EMDA), representing interests of manufacturers wholesalers and lighting companies. The members of these six associations share an interest in the functional skills involved with the purchase and re-sale of electrical materials, appliances and systems.  Acknowledging this shared interest, EMDA has initiated a feasibility study with the objective of establishing a new division under the title ’Institute of Irish Electrical Traders (IIET)’.  The technical and admin skill required to operate successfully in this function are also essential to personnel working in areas such as facilities management, plant maintenance, retail sales and electrical sectors in the construction industry.


  • Create a career description “Member of Irish Institute of Electrical Traders” (IIET).
  • Offer training for advancement of knowledge and skill in the industry.
  • Recognise qualifications of suitably trained people.
  • Maintain ongoing career-life training with a CPD programme for members.
  • Support the expressed interest from all sectors of the electrical industry to address the need to improve the quality, level of competence and performance of persons engaged in the business of selecting, buying and/or selling all types of electrical components, installation materials, machinery and equipment.  


Established by EMDA, (Electrical Manufacturers’ and Distributors’ Association CLG), the Institute will be administered and managed by Electric Bureau Ireland Ltd. (EBI).

The Electric Bureau is a Limited company founded and controlled by EMDA.  It is a ‘not for profit’ company and its functions are:

1. Provide secretarial support and administration for EMDA.

2. Publish the trade magazine ‘ELECTRIC.IE’ and manage the websites and social-media functions of EMDA and EBI.

To support its own commercial viability the Bureau also offers services and support to other industry associated organisations.


We are pleased to announce that a feasibility proposal submitted by EMDA to REISS (Regional Enterprises’ Innovative Scoping Scheme) has been successful and EMDA has been approved for significant funding under this new scheme.  We are in the best of company with many of the successful schemes submitted from universities. This award gives us not only financial support but recognition of the value of our project.

Funding announcement can be viewed at 

It is envisaged that EMDA will invest in the project from its own resources and funds generated by the Bureau.  Companies operating in all sectors of the industry will be invited to support this project. 

The successful circulation and media presence of ELECTRIC.IE will aid the establishment and progress of the IIET.


The Institute will establish an ISO quality procedure and apply for further qualifications in due course.  Communication with SkillsNet and other relevant Government support organisations will be pursued.   As a REISS approved scheme we expect recognition and support will be available. 

  • Initial List of Proposed Modules:
  • Introduction to Basic electrical technology.
  • Electrical Standards and rules. 
  • Management of Electrical Safety in the Workplace.
  • Operational functions (Microsoft suites, CRM & ERP platforms).
  • Business and financial management and development.
  • Technical Sales skills. 
  • Preparation of Technical Submissions (Tech-subs).

Product Modules:  

  • Fixings and Cable management. 
  • Cables and Tables.
  • Distribution Systems.
  • Wiring Accessories.
  • Fire-Protection and Alarms.
  • General Lighting.
  • Emergency Lighting.
  • Heating and Ventilation.
  • Tools and Testing.
  • Electric Vehicle equipment.
  • Equipment and Appliances.


EMDA now seeks expressions of interest from all sectors of the Irish Electrical Industry for support and input into the development of this project.  We will be delighted to hear from:

Individuals who are qualified to offer training or suggestions of subjects to be included in the program.

Companies, who may have existing training that can be included and could benefit from IIET support.  

Trade associations with ideas on existing or new proposals for training.

All communications and enquiries to:

Kevin O’Reilly
Project Director
(Rtd. Excel Electric Group).  M.Sc. (Mgmt). Executive Director EMDA and Electric Bureau.
Colin Sherlock
Administrator of EMDA.
General Manager of
The Electric Bureau.