Know your sources!

Sixty years ago, when Alphonsus P. Haslam started distributing WISKA junction boxes and cable glands, global warming was not a topic for consideration, but sustainability certainly was. Maybe not in today’s understanding of the word ‘sustainability’ but products were meant to last and when needed, repair was a viable option. 

Certainly, what impressed A.P. when he first entered the WISKA factory, looking for products to bring to the electrical trade in Ireland, was the quality and precision of German manufacturing. 

Products for AP Haslam Ltd. not just needed to be fit for purpose but needed to last a long time. Looking at the dictionary definition of sustainability as ‘the quality of being able to continue over a long period of time’ this could equally be applied to the partnership between WISKA and AP Haslam lasting six decades. 

“Today, knowing where and how the product was manufactured is becoming as important as price” explains Seán Lynam, Commercial Manager at AP Haslam Ltd. “We know many businesses in Ireland are preparing for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and its requirement for companies to give information on their value chain. Contractors tendering for large commercial, and state funded projects are also increasingly aware that SDGs are an important consideration for the end client” Seán continues.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a series of 17 goals fixed by the United Nations and adopted by 193 countries in 2015. Through sustainable (economic, environmental, and social) development, their overall objective is to create a better world, and a better life for all, by 2030.

Through their long-term partnership, AP Haslam Ltd. is fully aware of the commitment of WISKA to SDGs in Ireland and specifically their focus on SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) and SDG 12 (Responsible production and Consumption). 

WISKA undertook a major assessment of their Corporate Carbon Footprint to better understand the environmental impact of their business.

This has culminated in the opening of a new highly energy efficient production facility near Hamburg in 2023 and in innovative product designs with low carbon footprint.  In addition, WISKA have embraced the challenges under EU Regulation 2018/851 for packaging and waste management, resulting in significant packaging redesign to reduce the waste for the end user. In other areas, impacted by the Rules & Regulations for PFAS PolyFluoroAlkyl Substances, WISKA is redesigning products to use approved materials. 

What is particularly important to AP Haslam Ltd. as a component supplier (and a growing number of its customers) is the Product Carbon Footprint.

Reducing PCF is where WISKA have invested heavily over recent years. Having toured the new production facility this is something that Seán can vouch for directly. “From how the plastic granules are delivered, stored and transported to the moulding machines, to clever mould design to reduce sprue waste, to energy management, to warehouse lighting, everything has been designed to minimise carbon footprint” Seán explains. “That’s why whenever I see a bag of ESKV glands or a carton of Combi 308 junction boxes going out to a customer I feel happy they are getting a ‘near sourced’ durable, quality product from an environmentally conscious manufacturer”, Seán enthuses. 

The energy transition is evident on roof tops and in fields across the island of Ireland and WISKA knows that in the drive to decarbonise every component in a renewables project contributes to the Net Zero goal, even a humble cable gland!

“Ultimately, it’s up to the specifiers, buyers to ‘move the dial’ in the environments favour and knowing your sources is key to that” says Seán.

This year, to celebrate 60 years of a strong sustainable partnership WISKA company owner Ronald Hoppmann will be attending the AP Haslam Ltd. stand at the Manufacturing and Supply Chain event in the RDS on May 28th & 29th. Ronald, along with the WISKA team will be delighted to share their experiences with you on their sustainability journey.

To learn more about sustainability in manufacture and see the full range of WISKA products, including CCTV, marine, railway, lighting and of course the Combi junction boxes be sure to visit the AP Haslam Ltd. stand.

For further information on the WISKA range of products contact:
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