Universal LED Kit  /  Refits made easy

A fast and reliable refit solution is here. With conventional lighting tubes (T8) being phased out due to the RoHS directive (effective from August 2023 in Europe) and increased action towards Net Zero, a refit solution requiring a fast and tidy installation was needed.  

Welcome the Glamox Universal Led Kit, or as we like to call it, the ULK. 

The ULK is fast to install, featuring powerful magnets to hold the product in place whilst you secure it with screws for extra security, during rough seas and weather. The ULK is marine approved, meaning that it is tested to ensure continued high performance during strong shocks and vibrations, moisture/ corrosive environments and heat, and where the inclusion of a DALI driver gives you a greater degree of control and information.  

When you need foolproof lightings solution quickly, you can rely on the ULK.

Universal LED Kit

  • Super easy mounting.
  • Quick 1 man job, due to quick magnet hold.
  • 1 tool for mounting, 1 type of screw.
  • Marine approved (vibration, Ta, moisture, EMC2).
  • Designed as a replacement for T8 tubes.
  • No need to replace the whole luminaire housing.
  • Keep the existing luminaire cut-out and housing – tidier work. 
  • Fit and forget.
  • Quick connector for plug and play usage(between driver and light cassette).
  • Mounting plates manufactured with white painted steel.
  • 2 lengths: 600cm- 18 Watts, and 1200cm- 36 Watts.