NEW Aurora Smart Inside Devices are individually controllable via the Zigbee Protocol

Widest Range of Lighting Control and Sensing Products
Aurora is introducing its first, innovative and vast range of ‘Smart Inside’ products featuring the revolutionary mPro™ZX, colour tuneable fire rated downlight, GU10 lamps, sensors, kinetic smart switch and socket that wirelessly pair with the hub via the Aurora, powered by Gooee® Smart Space, Zigbee protocol to form a mesh network

Benefits of a Hub-Based Solution:

  • Stable, proven wireless technology
  • Control and manage your space from anywhere
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Future proofed with over-the-air updates
  • Connect to voice services such as Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Gooee Cloud certified with TÜV IoT Protected Privacy Service
  • AOne™ devices can be interoperable with 3rd party smart hubs e.g. SmartThings

Smart Solutions to Connect 900+ Enlite Products

To enable smart lighting with non-smart fixtures we can offer homes and businesses the option to ‘Make Smart with AOne Control’. This enables smart control of any of Enlite’s 900+ products for either new or retrofit installations.

Using any of the AOne inline dimmers (120W, 320W, 1-10V, 12/24V) or on/off relay, circuits can now be made smart easily through their installation between the switch and first light.

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