New Gel Technology for Low Voltage Application

Paul Noonan from Switch Electrical Solutions tells us about a new Silicon Casting Gel used for Low Voltage Applications that has recently been released by Cellpack.

Switch Electrical Solutions has been a supplier of Cellpack products for over 15 years, whose Power Gel product has been a mainstay in many outdoor projects. Now, the producers of Power Gel bring an innovative new way to use gels for sealing electrical components by launching Express+ Gel.

Until now, gel use has been a messy affair. However, Paul informs us that Cellpack has created an innovative mixing bottle with a shakeable 2-component potting compound for quick and permanent protection of electrical components.

Cellpack states that they can now offer the shortest mixing time in the market. The unique ONE Bottle design allows the compound to be activated by shaking the product for just 15 seconds. At this stage, a change of color in the contents will indicate the end of the mixing process, significantly reducing the time for mixing and casting compared to standard gel products. Teamed with a short curing speed of 8 minutes, this product will reduce the time required for using gel. However, once applied, the product can easily be removed when necessary.

EXPRESS+ GEL is a two-component, non-toxic, shaking gel based on silicon, presented in an innovative mixing bottle. Once activated by shaking the bottle, the gel will provide quick and permanent protection of electrical components. This one-stop-shop bottle can be used indoors and outdoors, easing the process of protecting electrical components in unfavorable installation conditions, such as up ladders or on raised scaffolding, etc.

Cellpack gel products have always been convincing by combining high-quality, user-friendly products, practical mounting, and reliable functional safety. Express+ Gel is no different – the product is suitable for electrical systems up to 1 kV and provides protection against moisture, achieving an IP 68 protection class in suitable housing. It is TÜV Süd tested after EN 60529.

Last but not least, the new Express+ Gel is much more environmentally friendly, as only one bottle is used, reducing plastic and packaging waste.

For more information on Express+ Gel from Cellpack, contact Switch Electrical Solutions on 01 452 4182 or email