ROBUS have 415 ways for you to save money when you buy energy efficient lighting

The SEAI Triple E Register is a register of best in class energy efficient products. All products on this register meet a set of stringent energy efficiency criteria and typically will be of a best-in-class efficiency standard.

The SEAI offer grants to SME’s when they buy energy efficient lighting products listed on the Triple E register because it helps all sectors to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.

When businesses select products from the Triple E Register they are making a choice to invest in energy efficient equipment that will help reduce energy costs over the lifetime of the product. This choice benefits the business in various ways. The savings usually far outweigh the capital cost of purchasing the equipment. Products on the Triple E Register have also met a minimum recognised testing standard, perform within the top 15% of similar products in terms of energy efficiency and lower the carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption.

LED Group has 34 years’ experience designing and manufacturing lighting products under the ROBUS brand. They are committed to reducing carbon emissions and energy costs and currently have 415 products listed on the Triple E Register. These products include downlights, surface fittings, commercial, floodlights, track ROBUS ‒ ROBUS is the only lighting brand in Ireland that can offer customers 415 Triple E Listed products all under one roof lights, high bays and low bays.

Grady Joinery, a well-known Irish family business providing windows and doors to domestic and commercial customers across Ireland and the UK, recently chose a selection of ROBUS Triple E Listed products when upgrading their warehouse and production space, so that they could avail of the SEAI Lighting Support Scheme grant. Their premises in Charlestown, County Mayo, Ireland consists of a 300,000 sq. ft. production line on a 60-acre site.

They installed just under 700 ROBUS LED fittings throughout their premises. These fittings included the DISK LED High bay, Sultan LED 80 W Corrosion proof, Atmos LED 600 X 600 Panels and Caesar LED 80W Battens. Grady Joinery will not only reap the illumination benefits of their new high-quality LED fittings, but the return on investment will result in a payback of a staggering €17,232.22 per annum! The SEAI have confirmed that not only are Grady Joinery now Triple E registered, the whole project was the largest project completed in Ireland for the Smart Lighting Pilot Scheme in 2017!

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