IT Tallaght launches 2 year Engineering Apprenticeship for Qualified Electricians

In 2018 Ireland’s first Engineers to be educated through the apprenticeship model will graduate from Limerick Institute of Technology. The apprenticeship model has been available in Ireland for many years but the B.Eng. in Industrial Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) was one of the first advanced apprenticeships in Ireland to lead to a level 7 Degree.

The 24-month programme was developed by a consortium of Manufacturing, Contracting and Automation companies working with Limerick Institute of Technology and aimed to be a progression route for qualified electricians to upskill to engineering roles. The apprenticeship model combines learning in the workplace with learning in an educational setting and so solves the issues of engineering talent shortages by upskilling experienced electrical staff. IT Tallaght launches 2-year Engineering Apprenticeship for Qualified Electricians The success of the programme in Limerick has led to the role out of the programme in Tallaght IT with one fundamental difference, The delivery model. The programme will be offered in Tallaght IT on a 1 and half day a week basis, while in Limerick IT the programme is offered over two 15-week blocks.

Both Institutes of Technology are currently accepting applications for the September intake. To learn more about the programme contact the Authorised Officer in your local Educational Training Board.

Or contact the Institutes of Technology directly:

Limerick Institute of Technology website:

IT Tallaght will be hosting an Industry Briefing Session in mid- July for companies interested in learning more about the programme. Contact: