A Guide to the National Rules for Electrical Installations is Now Available

I.S. 10101 is the first National Rules for Electrical Installations to be issued as an Irish Standard.  This standard brings Ireland closer into alignment with worldwide IEC and European CENELEC rules.  It brings new technology and increased safety to electrical installations.  The production of I.S. 10101 has grown to become the largest standard issued by NSAI.  Many hours have been spent by industry experts working with NSAI to produce and review the new rules chapter by chapter and line by line. The production time given to produce a standard of such a volume highlights the necessity of an equal need for clarifications and explanation

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Having participated in much of the production of I.S. 10101, John Clare has responded by developing this guide to assist with understanding the key issues which may arise.  John has many years’ experience in the field of electrical standards, working alongside RECI, ETCI, NSAI, and CENELEC. This makes John a leading authority on Rules for Electrical Installations and places him in a unique position to develop this guide.   If you are in need of clarification and response to questions you may already have, and wish to learn from questions which the author, through his extensive experience, expects one day you will have, then you will find this guide invaluable.  Guard it.  It is a reference document that will benefit you for years to come.

Charles Dunn
Chair, NSAI/ETC TC2 (June 2020)

About the Author

John Clare
(John Clare Training Ltd.)

Having worked in the electrical industry for over 40 years John joined RECI in 1992.  He has now moved on and recently set up his own electrical training company. 

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Throughout his career John has always been conscious of the importance of safety and good standards in the electrical trade.  His continuing interest and support for further education and upskilling in the industry led to his interest in the development of the National Rules for Electrical Installations.  As a member of Technical Committee TC over the past six years and under the supervision of NSAI, John has made a major contribution to the structure and eventual publication of the new National Rules for Electrical Installations, !S10101. 

With the introduction of the new NSAI Irish Standard I.S. 10101:2020,  (Edition 5.0), John has teamed up with sons Darren, Jonathan, and Shane (all following careers in the electrical industry) to produce this independent practical guide to the new Irish standard.  The guide places considerable emphasis on diagrams over text because often a diagram can explain more than words and provide a better level of clarity to the reader.

The authors are hopeful that you will find this guide informative and helpful.