EcoVolt takes home “Innovator of the Year” Award at the 2022 SFA Awards

(L-R) Graham Byrne, Chair, SFA, Geraldine Larkin, CEO, NSAI, sponsor of the Innovator of the Year Award, Stephen Dempsey, Ecovolt, and Sven Spollen-Behrens, Director, SFA.

The annual Small Firms Association awards took place on the 13th April in the RDS, Dublin. Ecovolt were nomination by PTSB to submit their award winning and patent pending product EcoVolt- CeP 24V Carbon Electric Paint Heating System into the “Innovator of the Year” category. Their entry into the competition was received well by the committee of the SFA Awards and in November 2021 they were announced as finalists for the Gala Awards to take place in April. 

The competition for this category was extremely competitive as 6 companies were shortlisted from over 2000 entries and on the night of the awards the judges announced that they had to introduce a “highly commended” award to this category as the entries from all finalists were very impressive. However, Ecovolt was called out as the overall winner of the category and name “Innovator of the Year” 2022.

About Ecovolt CeP – 

Ecovolt CeP is a 24V carbon paint heating system. From design concept in 2015 to full commercialisation in 2017 the product has been sold in several countries in Europe. Designed by the companies founder Stephen Dempsey, it is unrivalled as a novel heating system for high performance buildings like a passive house or nearly zero carbon building. 

The company transforms a fire rated industry standard plasterboard and applies a special electrode across a set geometry area of 1500mm by 800mm and screen print their carbon conductive coating across the area. The coated plasterboard is then placed on a drying rack to dry and cure. Once this process has been finished the product is now ready for installation onto a 400mm stud partition in a vertical or horizontal position. 

Ecovolt also designs and produces the 24V transformers that are required to power the CeP panel. When the product reaches site, it is installed like a plasterboard, the 24V connections are made and once all tests are performed it is ready for plastering and a paint finish of any colour. The CeP panel is now invisible on the wall and when the room thermostat calls for heat the wall quickly heats up to approx. 50 degrees and begins to radiate heat and only consumes 350 watts of power per panel. 

What the awards means to Ecovolt: 

“This award is special as we were competing with some amazing companies doing some fantastic work in their field on a domestic and global stage. The award means a lot and after all the hard work and investment we put into this product. We believe fully in this product as a complete solution to space heating for high performance buildings and it is unrivalled on the market as there is simply nothing like it.” says Stephen Dempsey.