Niedax CMS acquires Excel Electric Group

Kevin O'Reilly, CEO, Excel Electric, Peter Stegemann, International Sales, Niedax Group, Oliver Flammersfeld, Export Manager, Niedax Group, and Matt Walz, Managing Director, Niedax CMS.

Niedax Group a global leader in the design and manufacture of cable management systems is pleased to announce that it has acquired full ownership of Excel Electric Group. Founded in 1974 by Kevin O’Reilly, Excel has established itself as an important supplier of cable management systems in Ireland.

Based in Linz am Rhine, Germany, Niedax operates globally with over thirty five companies in the group. As a family owned company Niedax is committed to manufacture in all countries where it operates. This is particularly good for Excel who have invested in high technology production methods in Dublin.

Niedax is already familiar in the Irish market as they have supported a distribution centre in Tralee for over sixteen years. The success of this unit has encouraged Niedax to extend their interest in the Irish market.

Bringing the Excel unique system into the extensive range of Niedax products, will result in a classic merger of Global technology with local service. The Niedax commitment to production and technical improvements will present new opportunities for Excel production and wider distribution of Niedax within Ireland. O’Reilly will remain as CEO to ensure the success of the merger and says “in advertising parlance, you could say Niedax liked the Excel product so much , they decided to buy the company, and Excel are delighted to become part of what is probably the best cable management manufacturer in the world”

Excel is very grateful to suppliers and customers for the support they have given the company over the past forty five years. This support and the superb performance of the Excel work team has developed the company to its present successful position in the Irish market. Excel is delighted with the supportive response from colleagues and friends in the industry. After forty five successful years in the Irish Electrical industry, the next phase of Excel within the Niedax Group, looks even more exciting.

Niedax meets the Excel Electric Staff