Dornan Engineering launch scholarship programme for electricians upskilling to electrical engineers

Dornan Engineering, in conjunction with Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), has just launched their scholarship programme for electricians who wish to upskill to Industrial Electrical Engineers.

“To meet the demands of the sector, we have started recruiting electricians for engineering roles. These roles are full time and provide job security for a minimum of the next 5 years,” said Group Engineering Manager for Dornan Engineering Stephen Fletcher

Dornan recognises that the skills that are obtained during training for a career as an electrician or technician can strongly benefit a future engineer. Therefore, they are looking to identify members of the trade that are interested in completing the B.Eng. in Industrial Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) in LIT.

Barry O’Sullivan, Technical Director at Dornan, is confident that qualified electricians have the attributes to make great engineers saying “As an engineering and installation company we benefit hugely from the experience our employees have gained from their craft apprenticeships and through their working lives as electricians and technicians. The hands-on experience that is gained from completing an installation can benefit the future engineer from the start to the finish of a project.”

LIT’s Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering Degree Course enables qualified electricians to be trained and educated through a mix of site-based (project) work and classroom-based (LIT) formal coursework, in order to become trade qualified Engineers. The site-based element of the degree will also have coursework that must be completed. Upon completion, the candidate will achieve a level 7, Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Electrical Engineering. Dornan expects Apprentice engineers to sign up to a 5-year commitment and the 1st two years will be completed in conjunction with LIT. The final 3 years will be site based and completed under the Dornan graduate programme, thus ensuring each candidate can achieve their maximum potential.

The opportunity to earn while you learn is driving interest in the scholarship. The starting salary for an apprentice position is €27,000 per annum and Dornan will make a contribution toward accommodation of €150 per week while you are completing the 15-week blocks in Limerick Institute of Technology.

To learn more about the scholarship with Dornan Engineering email

If your company would like to engage with the Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering, contact Limerick Institute of Technology at or check out the website