JouleTherm CeP REVOLUTIONARY Carbon Paint Heating System

JouleTherm CeP is an exciting product developed by Dublin based company EcoVolt. JouleTherm CeP is a conductive carbon graphene coating, applied to a gypsum plasterboard substrate, and then heated by 24V low voltage electricity.
This allows JouleTherm CeP to effectively turn walls into radiant heaters.

Ecovolt have developed a patented process by which they can print the CeP coating directly onto any type of plasterboard, including insulated boards using a proprietary screen printing machine. Printed boards are then fitted in the usual way, by the dry wall contractor, before the low-voltage supply is connected, tested, and certified by the on-site electrical contractor.

Using JouleTherm CeP in place of traditional heating infrastructure has numerous benefits;

  • Cuts down on construction time, as no extra time required to fit complex heating infrastructure
  • Frees up valuable space in rooms, and improves aesthetics, as there is no visible heating appliance
  • Can be supported by solar P.V and battery energy storage systems, producing a low carbon heating system
  • Suitable for off-site modular construction
  • Comfortable healthy radiant heating with low annual maintenance requirements
    Multi-zonal control systems available

Testing and Accreditation
The JouleTherm CeP system was tested in the UK by BSRIA. The test consisted of a performance test based on typical U-Values of standard homes and compared to new homes built to NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building) 2020 standards. A copy of test report 60610/1 can be found on Ecovolt’s website.

The JouleTherm Printing Machine

JouleTherm CeP Manufacturing Process
All the manufacturing of the
pre–fabricated plasterboards with the CeP embedded on the boards takes place in EcoVolt’s manufacturing facility in Glasnevin, Dublin.

Ecovolt have patented this process, which allows for low-cost mass-production of pre-printed plasterboard radiant heaters. This technology can be licensed to a third-party manufacturer or distributor in any part of the world. The licence holder can then produce the JoueTherm CeP system at a very economical setup cost, for sale and distribution in their territory.

EcoVolt have already installed JouleTherm CeP in Ireland, England, Scotland, France and Holland and have recently signed a distribution deal for the Swedish market. Distribution agreements will shortly be signed for several other European countries, and there is huge interest worldwide, especially in the modular and fast-build off–site construction sectors.

Ecovolt are currently in talks with several large international utility companies who have shown an interest in the product, with a view to using the product to help decarbonise national grids.

JouleTherm CeP Board fixed to studwork awaiting plaster and decoration.

JouleTherm CeP pre-printed boards are available in several industry standard sizes including 2400mm X 1200mm for large building developments and 1800mm X 900mm size for developments like apartments / student accommodation, where access is restricted.

Ecovolt have designed and contracted the manufacturing of a special compression termination fixing for easy and quick connection of the 24V circuit to each board on site. All of EcoVolt’s 24V control equipment is designed, assembled and tested in Dublin.

Ecovolt believe that JouleTherm CeP is an innovation-disruptive technology, and will be to the heating industry what the lithium Ion battery is to the automotive industry.

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