Phoenix Contact – Solutions for the Future

Together with customers and partners, Phoenix Contact design solutions for the future using trend-setting connection and automation technology.

The trend towards digitalization faces a world full of challenges: population growth, the rise of megacities, dwindling resources. We need more energy, clean water, and clean air.

Phoenix Contact believe that digitalization offers the potential to overcome these challenges. The intelligent networking of business processes, components, systems, things and people is the key to the solutions of the future.

Shape the world of tomorrow
Future-oriented applications are communicative, secure, autonomous, and adaptable. They are consistently digital in terms of information, use resources efficiently, and are still easy to operate and install.

Products, systems, and solutions from Phoenix Contact offer the features that you require in order to implement forward-looking concepts successfully.

Primary focus is on the fields of energy, infrastructure, process and factory automation.

The modern energy industry provides an integrated system structure for all automation tasks. Thanks to standard IEC 61850, communication and the engineering process are standardized worldwide. This means that users are not dependent on a single manufacturer, and the variety of interfaces is decreasing significantly.

Process Industry:
In the modern process industry, the modularization of systems is playing an increasingly important role. Measured values are acquired remotely and processed digitally. Precise data and signals ensure high availability and process quality. The system therefore operates securely and efficiently.

In the infrastructure of the future, data and signals are reliably made available in the network – at all times and from any location. The systems respond autonomously to changing conditions, operate flexibly, and are robust in the face of disturbances.

Factory automation:
The factory automation of the future ensures maximum productivity and energy efficiency with flexible batch sizes. Intelligent, modular systems are networked. They communicate directly and securely with one another in a non-hierarchical fashion. The system adapts its operating state to the actual requirements.

The Company:
Phoenix Contact is a globally present, German-based market leader of future-oriented components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. In 2017 the consolidated world-wide turnover of Phoenix Contact will exceed €2Bn. It operates across a global network of more than 100 countries, and 15,000 employees ensuring a close proximity to their customers.