Upgrading your Air Circuit Breaker has never been so simple

Mitsubishi Electric Air Circuit Breakers are built for the global demands of the 21st century.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a full range of switchgear for general industrial applications, including its World AE Super Series of Air Circuit Breakers.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a complete solution for line and load side distribution, providing users with the highest levels of quality, safety and reliability. Mitsubishi Electric’s AE World Super Series low voltage Air Circuit Breakers (ACB’s) can be used as the main circuit breakers of power distribution systems such as for buildings, factories, ships and carry international approvals for industrial and marine applications. The ACBs are available in three frame sizes, offering high breaking capacity in an extremely compact package. Options include enhanced overload control and energy consumption monitoring, as well as realising high-level circuit monitoring and simple PLC networking.

User friendly design
Air circuit breakers have many advantages, among them adding higher reliability during switching. They can be used to extend the area of selective coordination through expansion of the rated short-time withstand current, for use in main circuit ports. All breakers in the series are available in both 3 and 4 pole versions with fixed or drawout configurations to suit your individual requirement, and with only three standard sizes, planning has never been easier. This ACB series ranges from 630 amps to 6300 amps and provides high-level circuit monitoring as well as friendly networking capabilities for a wide range of applications. 

The range of ACB’s and load interrupter switches is complemented by a comprehensive range of accessories. You can now save space by installing some accessories, for example the UVT under-voltage trip, inside the breaker unit. All live components have IP20 Protection rating. 

Individually configured protection
The Mitsubishi Electric circuit breakers are delivered with an electronic trip relay. It is available in versions for all standard power supply voltages. Optional modules are also available for most common applications such as protecting transformers, cables, motors and generators. This ensures optimum protection for long time, short time and instantaneous tripping. 

In addition to options like pre-alarm, ground fault and earth leakage protection, the electronic trip relay provides complete protection against overloads and short circuits. The protection characteristic can be adjusted individually for the needs of your application.

The main functions, including trip status, alarm and load current are displayed on the LCD screen and can also be output as signals. For easy and quick recognition of alarms, the screen automatically turns red when a default is detected.

Broad Performance range
The growing demand for power naturally increases the levels of short circuit currents in power distribution systems. The SUPER AE series breakers deliver excellent protection against thermal and mechanical damage. The rate surge withstand capability (Uiamp) is 12kV. With a short circuit breaking capacity of 65- 130 kA, they cover the great majority of applications for your systems. The small number of components and the high production standards ensure a long service life. The breakers of the SUPER AE series are virtually maintenance-free.

Comprehensive capabilities
Together with optional network interface module, the SUPER AE can now become a fully integrated part of the total network and system concept. In addition to Profibus/DP and CC-Links®, an interface module for MODBUS® is also available.

The SUPER AE’s network module enables the monitoring and control of a number of different parameters including voltage and current performance values. In addition, the networking connection can also be used to report alarm and error messages from the breaker back to a centralized control point like a PLC or a SCADA system.

In combination with an additional I/O module the breaker can be switched off remotely via the network. A drawout position switch can also be checked for the current drawout position via the network. 

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